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Loukyam Movie Tweet Review-Live Theatre Updates

Title : Loukyam
Cast: Gopichand, Rakul Preet Singh, Brahmanandam, Chandra Mohan
Director: Srivas
Producers: Bhavya Creations
Music: Anup Rubens
Cinematography: Vetri
Story: Sreedhar Seepana
Screenplay: Kona Venkat, Gopi Mohan
Release Date: 26-Sep-2014
Loukyam Movie Tweet Review – Live Theatre Updates…

08:45 AM: Movie started… Gopichand voice over on anti smoking and drinking.

08:45 AM: Movie started with Warangal backdrop. Chandra Mohan approached astrologer (Posani) to have his son’s horoscope. Comedy scenes between Posani and Chandra Mohan. Posani warns him that he will face problems with Gopichand.

08:48 AM: Venky (Gopichand) introduction with a chasing scene. Gopichand plans to bring his friend’s girlfriend from her marriage. She is sister of Babji (Mirchi fame Sampath), an influential person. Babji plans her marrige with Bharat. In this process reached Hyderabad with the eloped couple.

08:55 AM: Rakul Preet Singh entrance. Gopichand comes across her and fell in love at her on first sight. Time for the first song, Ninnu chuda gane…. Locations are good…

09:00 AM: Brahmanandam entrance as Cab driver. Babji is in search of his sister and gets Brahmi as a clue.

09:05 AM: Rakul is Satya(Rahul Dev’s) sister. Gopichand mets Rakul at college, she rags people. He gets himself introduced to her as a cop, Encounter Shankar Narayan to tease and woo her.

09:10 AM: So far movie is good. Entertaining comedy between Brahmi and Babji.

09:20 AM: Rakul is beautiful and cute.

09:25 AM: Time for the second song. Tere Beautiful Anke… Beautiful locations and nice song.

09:30 AM: Comedy track between Babji and Brahmi; Babji and Prudhvi (30 years in industry) is good. So far entertaining movie. Dialogue based comedy.

09:40 AM: Gopichand proposes to Rakul and she rejects. Later she starts fall for Gopichand. Routine but, romantic presentation. Why she rejected and why she started falling for him? Watch on big screen.

09:45 AM: Time for the third song.

09:52 AM: Hilarious confrontation scene between Babji and Brahmanandam.

09:57 AM: One more don Mukesh Rushi. Mukesh and Rahul are enemies. Mukesh’s gang attacks Rakul. Action scene. Nice sequence.

10:05 AM: Major twist to Gopichand and audience. Interval. Routine till now, but nice presentation. Overall good movie till now.

10:15 AM: Babji and Rahul are friends. Babji takes Rakul to Warangal. Gopichand moves to Warangal. Babji kidnaps Chandra Mohan and Brahmi to find out who kidnapped his sister.

10:20 AM: Rakul reveals to Gopichand, why rivalry between her brother and Mukesh Rushi. A short flash back.

10:23 AM: Rakul comes to know Gopichand is the one who helped Babji’s sister to elope. Rakul wants Gopichand to convince her brother for their marriage.

10:30 AM: Hilarious comedy track between Gopichand, Chandra Mohan, Brahmanandam and rest of the cast.

10:35 AM: Time for the fourth song. Saawariya

10:43 AM: Hamsa Nandini entrance as Brahmanandam’s wife.

10:45 AM: Gopichand projects Hamsa as Chandra Mohan’s wife. Comedy track between Chandra Mohan, Brahmanandam and Hamsa Nandini. Kind of masala comedy. Routine comedy.

10:50 AM: Babji plans for Rakul’s engagement with the Bharat. On time, Babji’s sister enters and says she is not yet married. Twist!!!

11:00 AM: Slapstick comedy scenes.

11:05 AM: Time for the item number…. Sur Super… Silly sillygaa galli kurrollu

11:13 AM: Brahmanandam hilariously confrontation with Babji and Mukesh Rishi.

11:15 AM: One more twist, w.r.t Bharat. Movie moving to climax.

11:25 AM: Legend and Aagadu spoof with Prudhvi. Hilarious.

11:30 AM: Happy ending climax