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Massive 100 Feet Tall Statue For Baahubali

baahubali posterBaahubali is in making since so long, But creates some kind of news every other week. Be it shooting with 2000 artists, Or shooting in extreme conditions Or through its humongous business happening. Now, the crew is on toes to erect a humongous 100 feet tall statue in to the sets of Baahubali which weighs tens of tons.

Rajamouli, the director of the film said, “Sabu Cyril garu made a 100 foot statue for Baahubali. Getting this giant in to position was a humongous job which requires a great deal of knowledge in structural engineering. It was achieved by Peter Hein master who didn’t attend even primary school. He worked for 40 hrs non stop. #Respect.”

This Star director also said,”And the real test starts tomorrow. We need to get that statue into a standing position. Btw the statue has got nothing to do with Gomateshwara..”

One has to appreciate Rajamouli and his team who always gives their more than 100% to get a quality product out. Peter Heins totally dedicated to Baahubali since last one and half year. He even dropped himself from being a part of most prestigious project “I”, to work his heart out for Baahubali.

Baahubali team is currently working in Ramoji Film City in a specially made set. Prabhas and Anushka are joining the shoot, This statue will make its entry from today on the sets. Crew says this statue plays a very significant role in film.

Baahubali’s first part is promised to be releasing in Summer 2015.