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Mosagallaki Mosagadu Movie Review

Mosagallaki-Mosagadu-2Title: Mosagallaki Mosagadu(2014)
Cast: Sudheer Babu, Nandini Raj, Jayaprakash
Director: Nellori Bose
Producer: Chakri Chirguripati
Banner: Lakshmi Narasinha Entertainments
Music: Manikanth Kadri
Rating: 2.75/5.00

Sudheer Babu who is experimenting with different genres, comes this time with a comedy thriller, Titled the film after yesteryears blockbuster “Mosagallaku Mosagadu”, Does it reached atleast half of it. Lets see

Film starts with two idols being stolen from a place 10 KM away from Ayodhya, the idols from 12th century, Story now shifts to Hyderabad, where a small time theif Krish(Sudheer Babu) cons people to earn money and his close aid is Praveen. Krish instantly falls for Janaki(Nandini Raj) an orphan.

Turn of events makes him join Kaushik(Jayaprkash) plan to deliver the idols to Rudra(Abhimanyu Singh) a Dubai based don, who is planning smuggle the idols out of Inda.

Does Krish helped Kaushik? Does he got to know story behind the idols? Does he win the heart of Janaki? Forms the story.

Analysis: Except the start which will start as Thriller, settle as a regular telugu movie after a few scenes. Director must haved taken the safe root. Film sets the plot of in the first half, and second half is all about how protagonist comes out of a tricky situation.

Comedy is one big asset of the film, situational comedy worked big time. Director Nellore Bose made the things simple, where the audience expect few edge of a seat sequences as the film is about stolen idols.

Songs are a serious let down, the film is by far looks to be targeting B and C centers. Sudheer Babu may want to reach the untouched Avenues.

Artistes’ Performances:
Sudheer Babu plays a mass hero in the film, as he has a few movies experience now, He is at ease, also given more settled performance. He looks thin in the movie, body language is perfect

Nandini Raj is alright, she has very less screen presence.

Abhimanyu Singh played comedy villain, he performed well. He should chose roles with good scoper, as he is fast becoming monotonous.

Jayaprakash got a full length, and it’s a cake walk for him.

And a Surprise here Manchu Manoj made a cameo and it come out well. Sapthagiri is asusual

Technical Departments:
Bose Nelluri is partially succeeded in inserting some comedy scenes in the movie, but screenplay he have chosen not suits the genre. Music is ordinary, Art department is good, Editors have done a great job.

Verdict: If you have free time to kill, give the movie a shot.