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Mukunda Movie Live Theatre Updates-Tweet Review

Mukunda-PosterTitle: Mukunda (2014)
Cast: Varun Tej, Pooja Hegde, Prakash Raj, Rao Ramesh
Director: Srikanth Addala
Producer: Tagore Madhu & Nallamalapu Srinivas
Music: Mickey J Meyer
Writer: Srikanth Addala
Cinematographer: V Manikandan
Editor: Marthand K Venkatesh
Production House: Leo Proaductions
Released On: 24-Dec-2014
Run Time: 2 Hours 24 Minutes

08:50 AM: Movie started with a Thanks to mega star Chiranjeevi. Mukunda title card had a real good start with good music.

08:55 AM: Movie started in Ammerpet with voice over by Srikanth Addala. Varun (Mukunda) made his first appearance with super background music.

08:56 AM: Ali (just a cameo kind of role) and Praveen made their entrance. Varun and Praveen are friends. Started their journey to their home town from Hyderabad.

08:59 AM: Varun has a friend Arjun. Varun always rescues him. One such incident at Volley ball court.

09:00 AM: Time for the first song, Chesededo Chesesthey… First song done well.

09:05 AM: Rao Ramesh made his entrance as muncipal chairman. Introduction scenes of Rao Ramesh’s cruelty running on.

09:09 AM: Introduction of characters happening in a different style. Introducing each character’s attributes with other supporting artists.

09:11 AM: Pooja, daughter of Rao Ramesh, entrance as a college girl. Her sister is in love with Varun’s friend Arjun.

09:14 AM: Dialogues by Rao Ramesh about basics of life are great.

09:15 AM: Prakash Raj made his entry with lengthy dialogue about Indians. His character seems interesting. Some comic punches are good.

09:17 AM: Lead pair Varun and Pooja are looking good.

09:20 AM: Rao Ramesh goons attack on Arjun and Varun fights for Arjun’s rescue. First fight by Varun.

09:23 AM: Dialogues are simple and effective. Addala style all over, every shot has his flavour.

09:25 AM: So far Varun and Pooja didn’t looked at each other. This is the third scene they are together.

09:27 AM: Time for the second song, Daredumdadum… Cinematography, costumes are good, so far. Movie yet to enter into the main plot.

09:30 AM: Good scene on women harassment with Abhimanyu Singh.

09:37 AM: Arjun and his love got caught by Rao Ramesh, but he don’t want to attack because of near by elections and wants to talk to Varun’s father. Chilled scene of commercial cinema father praising son.

09:40 AM: Time for the third song, Gopikamma. Pooja is gorgeous.

09:45 AM: Rao Ramesh tries to spot Arjun in a naxal case and again Varun comes for his rescue.

09:50 AM: Super encounter dialogue exchange between Varun and Rao Ramesh.

09:53 AM: So far the movie about fight between a powerful evil politician and a local young guy.

09:56 AM: For the first time in movie, Varun and Pooja came across each other.

10:00 AM: Movie now at the bus journey which started at the beginning of the movie. Police stopped the bus. Interval with an interesting twist.

10:01 AM: Till now characters and scenes are good as individual bits.

10:20 AM: Second half started from where Varun met Pooja.

10:25 AM: Election time started and Rao Ramesh started his promotion activities. Meanwhile Nazar made his entrance as a Police officer in place an officer who is in-favour of Rao Ramesh.

10:33 AM: Time for the next song which has blink time cameo of Srikanth Addala, Pagati Kalo.

10:40 AM: Arjun attacked by Rao Ramesh’s son and gets injured. Varun wants to place a check for Rao Ramesh and nominates Prakash Raj for the elections.

10:45 AM: Varun and his team are implementing new kind of promotions for Prakash Raj. Few of them are far away to reach from current time possibilities.

10:49 AM: Nandalala song running on screen. With in the song, Nazar and his election team shooting the money distribution that at Rao Ramesh side.

10:54 AM: Nice scene in temple. Varun and Pooja just looking at each with other. No dialogues between them till now. Speaking with eyes 😉

10:55 AM: Elections got over and counting started. Rao Ramesh in lead at the beginning and finally Prakash Raj won the elections.

11:00 AM: On the other side, Varun losts his father, Paruchuri.

11:05 AM: With the end of elections hungama, everyone focusing on Arjun’s love.

11:07 AM: Rao Ramesh arranges an engagement to her daughter at Hyderabad and Arjun follows them. Varun reaches Hyderabad for an interview.

11:10 AM: Silent love episode between Varun and Pooja. Time for the next song, Chandrakala.

11:10 AM: Srikanth Addala narrating the story in a different style, but, at times it looked confusing.

11:15 AM: Abhimanyu Singh and his gang attacked Arjun and again Varun came for his rescue. Varun kills Abhimanyu Singh during this fight.

11:20 AM: Movie again shifted to bus journey. Nazar finds Varun, but leaves him. Sudden cameo by Shekhar Kammula, friend of Varun.

11:25 AM: Happy Ending.

11:27 AM: Pawan Kalyan appeared in working video and audience roared.

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