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Nagarjuna Ensured Nithiin A Safe Zone

Akhil’s debut film Akhil, bombed at the box office and registered huge losses to the parties involved. Nithiin the producer of the film was in a state bother because of huge pressure from the distributors, who want him to bail out them from the losses incurred.


But a timely help from Nagarjuna ensured Nithiin a safe zone. King Nagarjuna himself involved into the issue, he has spoken to the distributor not to pressure Nithiin or Sudhakar reddy for money in this regard. With a star of that persona promising openly, distributors found hope.

Production have taken proper care in terms of technicians and artists. But their miscalculation in selection of story for a debutante backfired. Nagarjuna should be appreciated for his right gesture, as he also overseen all the proceedings since the start of the project.