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Nannaku Prematho Live Theatre Updates – Tweet Review

Nannaku-Prematho-First-LookTitle: Nannaku Prematho

Cast: NTR, Rakul Preet, Jagapathi Babu & Rajendra Prasad

Director: Sukumar

Producer: B V S N Prasad

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematography: Vijay C Chakravarthy

Release Date: 13-Jan-2014

Run Time: 168 Mins

8:45 AM: NTR Intro titles with all hit movies. SukuMark style title cards

8:50 AM: Film started in UK… NTR straight entry with a fight

8:55 AM: NTR started a stock broking company.

9:00 AM: Time for first song… Don’t stop till you get enough.

9:05 AM: NTR got the news about his father Rajendra Prasad’s health issue… Avasarala Srinivas and Rajeev Kanakala are NTR brothers

9:10 AM: Rajendra Prasad reveals about his childhood and their rich background.

9:15 AM: Rajendra Prasad reveals his wish to take revenge Jagapathi Babu(Krishna Murthy) as he cheated him.

9:20 AM: Jagapathi Babu’s entry as a cunning powerful entrepreneur.

9:25 AM: NTR takes a oath to take revenge on JB in 30 days.. Called it operation 0

9:30 AM: Joins with 3 others team…. As first step he wants to woo Rakul Preet(Divyanka)

9:35 AM: Too much intelligence… NTR makes plans to meet Rakul accidentally.

9:40 AM: Some visuals are too good.. time for I wanna follow follow you song.

9:45 AM: Film so far is less on entertainment quotient and high on intelligent quotient. Slightly dragging in the last 2 scenes.

9:50 AM: Sukkumark intelligence is used.. concepts like Metaphysics, Butterfly effect…Rakul gets kidnapped.

10:00 AM: NTR uses his intelligence in search… Now time for fight.

10:05 AM: Rakul is saved… Time for Na Manassu Neelo song… locations are too good.

10:10 AM: NTR to meet Jagapathi Babu…. NTR intentionally got into fight with a gang…

10:15 AM: JB knows that NTR is RP’s father. NTR challenges JB that he will bring down his empire.. Now mind games start.. time for Interval.

10:35 AM: Second half started.

10:40 AM: RP admitted to hospital.. Good sentimental start to the second half.

10:50 AM: NTR makes failed attempt to hack JB’s bank accounts.

11:00 AM: Rakul comes to know about NTR and starts hating him… time for another song Love me again.

11:05 AM: Film is going on very slowly…

11:10 AM: Rakul showing her intelligence now…Nice twist after all the scenes… Now entry of Madhubala(Rakul’s mother)

11:15 AM: Rakul got to know the truth about his father… she will fall in love again with NTR.. Time for Love Debba Mass Song… NTR excelled in the dance movements in the song.

11:25 AM: NTR left with only 2 hours for revenge.. now 3 brothers got into life threats now..

11:30 AM: All three brothers approach Jagapathi Babu(JB).

11:40 AM: Nice Climax twists…

11:45 AM: NTR superb performance in the climax after the revenge.

11:50 AM: Second half is better than the first half.

12:00 AM: Good ending… stay tuned for the review.