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Nikhil To Repeat His Hit Directors

Nikhil-Siddhartha-1Nikhil Siddhartha who is riding high with back to back hits with Swamy Ra Ra, Karthikeya and Surya vs Surya is currently busy with Kona Venkat’s Shankara Bharanam, which started its shooting two days back.

Shankara Bharanam has just started and Nikhil announced the directors of his upcoming movies. He is doing to do movies again with Karthikeya fame Chandoo Mondeti and Surya Vs Surya fame Karthik Ghattamaneni.

Karthikeya and Surya Vs Surya have been Nikhil’s most profitable solo movies till date. Nikhil told that Chandu and Karthik have narrated wonderful story line and he liked them. Currently Chandu and Karthik and working on the scripts and these movie will be materilaized once the scripts gets concrete. But as of now Nikhil is paying his full attention to Shankara Bharanam.