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November 7 A Special Day In South Cinema..

HBDNovember 7th, what so special about it?? It is the Birthdate of many famous film personalaties who are making name for themselves in current south cinema.

Kamal Haasan (Nov 7, 1954), the name which doesn’t need any introduction. He is not only a great performer, he is the finest writer, dancer, Director and lyricist. Above all he is a great human being. He had given stardom to acting, the way he handles dramatism in expression and subtlety in mannerism can never be achievable. He is always on look out to deliver his best. It is not an exaggeration, to say No one has made a more direct and impactful contribution to South cinema.

Anushka(Nov 7, 1981), being a Heroine she got the stardom which is equivalent to star heroes. Her contrasting performances in the films Vedam and Arundathi showcased her versatality, she has become one of the most wanted artists in south Indian cinema. She is now acting in two prestigious films of telugu cinema Rudramadevi and Arundathi.

Trivikram Srinivas(Nov 7, 1971), Started his film career as a dialogue writer, his dialogues for the films Swayamvaram, Chirunavvuhto, Nuvve kavali etc., created a following among youth.His dialogues become part of daily conversations, such is his effect. After he turned director his films have given a new direction to telugu cinema, after Jandhyala, Trivikram, is the one who put a full stop to vulgarity in comedy and given importance to the situation and rhyming words to evoke entertainment.

karthik(Nov 7, 1980), Playback singer who started as a background vocalist. Slowly made his impact with versatile voice, His versatility in singing and mesmerzing voice given him more opportunities in south Indian cinema. In Telugu and Tamil cinema he received many awards, he won 5 filmfares in Best Playback singer category.

The list still continues with Tamil renowned diretor Vikram Prabhu(Nov 7, 1975) who came to fame with the films like Sigaram Thodu, Arima nambi. He is the son of Prabhu Ganesan and grandson of Sivaji Ganesan, Mostly he makes films with his brother Vikram Prabhu.

Nanditha Das who appeared in few south Indian films also celebrates her birthday today.

Malligadu wishing All these South Indian Film personalities a very Happy Birthday and Wish them a great year ahead.