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Official: Baahubali Telugu Satellite Rights By Maa Tv

Baahubali-New-Posters-1Rajamouli’s prestigious project Baahubali collected a staggering 600 crores gross till date worldwide and has become the third biggest Indian movie. This is the first time any South Indian movie entering into the Top 5 of Indian cinema.

Ever since the project is announced, huge hype build around the project. All the distributors have bought the rights at astronomical prices in all the areas. Even at such prices, film has bought huge profits to the distributors. Also there is a huge fight for the satellite rights of the film. Most of the TV channels are behind for the satellite rights. Some rumours said the rights went to ETV because of Ramoji Rao’s influence and some said rights went to Zee Telugu.

Now the official information is the Satellite rights of both Baahubali part 1 and part 2 are sold to MAA Tv at a mind blowing 30 crores which is the highest ever for a Telugu movie. These rights are purely Telugu rights, the other languages will be sold separately at regional level.