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Pandaga Chesko Movie Live Updates

Pandaga_Chesukoo_Release_Day_Poster_2Title: Pandaga Chesko (2014)
Cast: Ram, Rakul Preet Singh, Sonal Chauhan, Jagapathi Babu, Brahmanandam
Director: Gopichand Malineni
Producer: Paruchuri Kireeti
Screenplay: Kona Venkat, Anil Ravipudi
Story: Veligonda Srinivas
Music: Thaman
Cinematography: Arthur A. Wilson
Production House: United Movies
Run Time: 162 Minutes
Release Date: 29-May-2015
08:50 AM: Titles started. Colourful tiles.

08:55 AM: Movie started with regular rivalry between two groups Siva Reddy and Bhupati at Vizayanagaram. Bhupati is Sai Kumar’s brother-in-law and they both are not in good terms. Siva Reddy is rival to both Bhupati and Sai Kumar

9:00 AM: Rakul’s introduction. Visits her home town, Vizayanagaram for holidays. She is Bhupati’s daughter. As per court order Rakul should live with Sai kumar family, but marriage decision will be by his father Bhupati.

9:05 AM: Ram’s intorduction. He is CEO of a company and lives abroad. Mean while Rakul escapes from family leaving a letter to both Sai Kumar and Bhupati.

9:10 AM: Introduction of Sonal Chauhan, CEO of another company.

9:12 AM: Here comes Brahmi as Weekend Venkat Rao. He works for Sonal.

9:20 AM: Sonal and Ram met each other and want to get married just to multiply their stocks in market. Ram’s parents are against the marriage.

9:22 AM: They both gets engaged. Time for the second song, Nachhade nachhade. A romantic song. Nice locations.

9:30 AM: Ram moves to India to look after few issues created by Green Army, an environment protection organization.

9:35 AM: Rakul complaints about Ram’s chemical factory to Green Army and Ram comes to convince Rakul to get no objection certificate to revive his chemical factory.

9:45 AM: So far movie is running in a good note.

9:50 AM: Ram is trying to convince Rakul. Bhupati and Sai Kumar trying to find her. Siva Reddy is trying to kill her. Mean while, Ram fell in love with Rakul and proposes her, but she rejects.

9:51 AM: Time for the third song, you are my darling.

10:00 AM: Siva Reddy’s brother comes to kill Rakul and Ram saves her. Mean while, Bhupati and Sai Kumar come and takes away Rakul. Ram reveals an interesting twist, he comes to India to marry Rakul. INTERVAL

10:15 AM: Movie started.

10:20 AM: Background of rift between Bhupati and Sai Kumar is getting revealed. And also how Ram is related to them.

10:35 AM: Ram tries to make patch up between Bhupati and Sai Kumar.

10:35 AM: Ram made Bhupati and Sai Kumar’s family to accept each other.

10:45 AM: Ram reveals his identity to Rakul and she fell in love with him. Time for the next song, Chuda Chakkanundave.

10:50 AM: To marry Rakul, Ram has to convince Bhupati. Ram gets MS Narayana as his father.

10:50 AM: Mean while Sonal sends Brahmanandam to Ram as she is unable to reach him.

11:00 AM: Comedy track running.

11:10 AM: Ram’s mother and Soanl reaches India to Bhupati’s home.

11:10 AM: Kona Venkat and team’s trade mark confusion comedy started.

11:18 AM: Time for the fifth song, Pandaga Chesuko with both the heroines.

11:25 AM: Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Cheettu spoof going on screen with Shakalaka Shankar and Prudhvi.

11:35 AM: Siva Reddy kidnaps Rakul, climax fight running.

11:45 AM: A happy ending…