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Rabhasa Live Theatre Updates – Tweet review

Rabhasa-release-todayTitle: Rabhasa (2014)
Cast: NTR, Samantha, Pranitha
Director: Santosh Srinivas
Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh
Music: Thaman
Cinematography: Shyam K. Naidu
Releasing on: August 29, 2014.
01:07 PM: Movie ends with all smiles, every one relaises the sacrifices of the hero…. Stay tuned to Malligadu.com for the review…

12:59 AM: Movie entered into climax mode. All the negative roles knwoing the interlock one after the other and started attacking hero

12:55 PM: Samantha confesses her love towards NTR. Emotional scenes. NTR’s character elevating.

12:45 PM: Dum dumare song. Colourful with the whole case in a song.

12:40 PM: Movie moving on Brahmi’s comedy with both the families

12:25 PM: Atu itu yetu chusina… Locations are too good.

12:15 PM: Hilarious comedy combination with NTR and brahmi

12:00 PM: Bhrahmanandam entered with the dialogue, “Nenu Simhadri ki sequel ra…”

11:52 AM: Second half started with NTR’s past encounters. Jayapraksh and Nagineedu entered

11:40 AM: Interval. Though there are much high points till now, movie is appealing and entertaining.

11:22 AM: Movie entered serious action, pre-interval episode started.

11:16 AM: Garam Garam Chilaka song.

11:08 AM: Pranitha is doing a good job in comedy

10:57 AM: Raakasi… song stared with a roar in the theatre . NTR’s moves are energetcic and ice catchy

10:50 AM: Lighter scences between Pranitha, Samantha and NTR. NTR’s anti lovers squad is entertaining.

10:45 AM: Pranitha entered as Bhagyam, who hates love.

10:40 AM: Movie is about clashes between two familes – Naazar (NTR’s father) and Shiyaji Shinde (Samantha’s father).

10:35 AM: Movie moved to village backdrop. Jayasudha is NTR’s mother.

10:32 AM: First song… Ohh Salaam…. Just good.

10:30 AM: Movie going on top speed. Many punch dialogues and action scences already.

10:26 AM: NTR entrance on Bullet. Exceptional entrance. Tiger… Young Tiger…

10:25 AM: Movie started. Started with a mass look raising expectations. voice voice by VV Vinayak is good.