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Rajinikanth’s Lingaa Telugu Movie Review

Lingaa-Poster-3.jpgTitle: Lingaa (2014)
Cast: Rajnikanth, Anushka Shetty, Sonakshi Sinha, Jagapati Babu
Director: K. S. Ravikumar
Producer: Rockline Venkatesh
Music: A. R. Rahman
Cinematography: R. Rathnavelu
Dialogues: Pon Kumaran
Screenplay: Pon Kumaran
Editor: Samjith Mhd
Production House: Rockline Entertainments
Distribution: Eros International
Run Time: 2 Hours 54 Minutes
Released On: 12-Dec-2014
Rating: 2.75/5

Super Star Rajnikanth who hold a super craze is back in his physical form with Lingaa after a gap of four years. He paired up with Anushka and Sonakshi Sinha and playing a dual role. K S Ravi Kumar is directing Rajnikanth after Muthu and Narasimha. Jagapathi Babu is playing a key role in this movie. Rajni’s mania is running all over for this movie. Irrespective of the fan base, all movie lovers have huge anticipations on Lingaa. Hype created by the makers and releasing it on Super Star’s birthday raised the expectations, which are already at the peaks. Lets see how the movie is…

Movie starts with K Viswanath and villagers of Singanoor in search for Lingaa (Rajnikanth) who is a petty thief and the grandson of Lingeswara. Lingaa was forced to come to Singanoor along with Lakshmi (Anushka), grand daughter of Viswanath, to open the temple in the village. Movie shifts to a flashback episode in 1939 where Lingeswara (Rajnikanth) is a King, an IAS officer and an eminent civil engineer. He propose to build a dam in the village to solve the water problems. British government declines the proposal and he resigns from his job. He decided to build the dam with his money after the proposal getting rejected by the British Government. Lingeswara faces several hurdles and gives his entire property for the dam construction. Still, people at British government ditches Lingeswara. Inspite of all hurdles he faced, several dramatic sequences lead Lingeswara to move out of the Village. The rest of the story is about his grandson makes his grand fathers wish come true.

One will usually expect a one man show from Rajnikanth in his movies. Lingaa is no different and we could see the funny side of Rajnikanth in the first half supported by Santhaanam and Karunakaran. Comedy scenes between all of them have come well and a special mention for the witty one liners of Santhaanam.

The flashback episodes starts with a dazzling introduction of Rajnikanth but post interval the movies slow down in its pace. Lingaa has got lesser thriller elements compared to Rajni’s previous films. The length of the flash back episode is a negative. There are few scenes in the second half which has good content. To elevate a scene, back ground music is also a key element. Rahman’s back ground music failed to elevate the scenes, though music in songs is appealing. Overall K S Ravi Kumar managed to give a decent show to the audience.

Artist Performances:
Rajnikanth: Lingaa is completely his one man show. No one can question the abilities of Rajnikanth as an actor and he has continued his magic on screen. He has carried the entire movie on his shoulders with his trademark acting, dancing and styles. He flawlessly rocked in both the roles he played and the variation shown between both the characters is absolutely spot on. At such an age, he has done a teriffic job that must be applauded.

Anushka & Sonakshi: Both of the glamorous girls fit well in their respective roles. Anushka is scorchingly hot and beautiful through out the film. Sonakshi makes an interesting debut as a village girl and she has more screen space. She looked natural. But, at times, Sonakshi’s acting looked little artifical.

Santhaanam & Karunakaran: They both had managed a good screenspace with Rajnikanth. One liners from Santhaanam are hilarious. Santhanam must be given credit for his chemistry with Rajnikanth. Rollicking fun from this combination in the first 45 minutes. Though Brahmanandam did just a cameo, his combination with Santhaanam, Karunakaran & Rajni came out well.

Jagapathi Babu: He did a role a bit similar to his come back movie Legend. But director failed to extract his natural acting talent.

Dev Gill, Radha Ravi, Vijaya Kumar, Sundarrajan, Manobala and actors who played Britishers roles and other did justice as required.

Technical Departments:
Director K S Ravi Kumar has chosen a story which will satisfy the hardcore Rajni fans. A great surprise to know the movie completed shooting only in 6 months. Though the story line is predictable he managed to pull it off. He should have taken care on screenplay. Second half goes on very slow pace. He should have concentrated more on climax action episode. Audiences from one part of India who mock Rajni for his extravagance got another chance with the climax jump episode.

Art direcor Sabu Cyril needs a special appreciation. Once again he proved his ability. The sets are authentic, grand, lavishing and luxurious.

Music from A R Rahman is a serious let down. His back ground music didn’t helped in the elevation of Rajnikanth which he was doing in his previous movies. Back ground music is the the biggest disappointment of Lingaa.

DOP from Rathnavelu is grandeur and has captured the lush greenery landscapes of the Village.

Editing should have been better, duration of the movie is one of the biggest reasons for the slightly lower than expected review.

One man show from Rajni. Must watch because of him. Not a usual fast paced action movie from KSRavikumar and Rajni combination. Just a good movie, not best. Background music and screenplay in second half are the spoil sport.
Go without exceptions and you will like it.