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Ram Gopal Varma Walked Out Of Live Debate

ram gopal varmaLatest controversy in the Tollywood is between maverick director Ram Gopal Varma and a well known website on RGV’s latest film Ice Cream. RGV’s Ice Cream released on 12th of this month. It is common practise for many websites to post reviews on movies. The website involved in this controversy also wrote an article which involved deep criticism comments. RGV posted a reply to this review on his Facebook page with much more deeper comments. He didn’t stopped commenting on this website alone, he made all the reviewers and critics as subject.

Based on this controversy a debate was conducted in 6TV today, 14th July. Ram Gopal Varma, a well known movie critic, a senior movie journalist, a senior movie analyst and an upcoming movie director participated in this debate. Every one expected that RGV will give a strong reply in the debate. Contradictory to this, every one in the debate started giving counter to RGV. Audience who called to the show also opposed RGV on his move.

While the live show is on air, RGV landed into a situation where he was not able to speak anything. With this situation, RGV walked out of the show stating that he got an information that few of the media journalists are planning to do a protest out side the studio and he don’t want to get involved in it. This is an unexpected step by RGV. In many occasions earlier, he has given strong replies to who ever it may be, when ever he landed into a controversy.