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Rashmi Gautam Hot Pics Sparks Controversy

rashmi gautamRashmi Gautam who has become more popular with Jabardasth comedy show became the talking point after she shared a couple of  candid pics of her in a social networking site where she was seen wearing shorts during her ongoing tour across US.

In a shocking turn of events, Rashmi was at the receiving end of verbal abuse and criticism on her official page. Several remarks were made on her revealing clothes and commented on her thighs. Some even went to to the extent of drawing parallels that such revealing clothes are the reason for the rapes happening in the country.

Rashmi Gautam miffed with obscene remarks and reacted saying, “People say short and revealing clothes are tempting. Even now the oldest of tribes roam naked and yet maintain harmony. Rape is in the mind not in clothes. Stop finding reasons and fight for right cause.”