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Rowdy Fellow Movie Review

Rowdy-Fellow-PosterTitle : Rowdy Fellow (2014)
Cast: Nara Rohit, Vishakha Singh, Posani, Rao Ramesh
Director: Krishna Chaitanya
Producer: T Prakash Reddy
Music: Sunny M R
Cinematography: Aravindan P Gandhi
Production House: Movie Mills & Cinema 5
Release Date: 21-Nov-2014
Rating: 3.25/5

Nara Rohit, whose recent film Prathinidhi got good applause, coming this time with an intense drama Rowdy Fellow. Lyricist Krishna Chaitanya turned director with the movie and Visakha Singh, who did Gnaapakam in Telugu way back in 2007 is back after 8 years as female lead. Let’s see how the film is…

Rowdy Fellow is a political drama which unleashes in a small town. Rana Pratap Jayadev (Rohith) a filthy rich guy, who couldn’t tolerate even someone calls him “ra/arey”. He happens to get in dual local with CI (Ahuthi Prasad) and poltiical’s brother (Ajay) while rescuing a guy who is in critical condition. The incident hurts his ego and decides to become a Police officer.

With his mind game he makes his posting as SI in to the same area and in no time he falls in love with CI’s daughter (Visakha Singh) as the story goes by he realizes the local politician and minister aspirant Durga Prasad’s (Rao Ramesh) crimes and how he is robbing Kolleru village farmers.

How, Rana who become police officer out of ego, takes his profession serious and eradicates all the evil powers in town forms the story

Movie is all about the character of Rana Pratap Jayadev portrayed by Rohith, director etched his character well and narrated his transformation from an arrogant rich guy to angry police officer who cannot tolerate the evil people taking the lives of villagers in a novel way.

Film is an intense political drama which happens in small time. Considering the premise one would except heavy weight action sequences and overboard dialogues. But through director narrated the story in subtle way, he used characters body language and subtle gestures to show case villany, violence sometimes even comedy.

Each character has its importance and everyone excelled in their respective roles. The great assets of the film are visuals and dialogues. Every song in the film are montage songs, all songs are similar but leaves you with a good feeling.

Comedy too came in with right doses and in a different way unlike many recent films, nothing forcible in the film except the way hero becomes police. Film has some dragging moments but artists with their performances covered it.

Nara Rohit, one should appreciate for the kind of films he is delivering. Not many heroes will accept films like Banam, Prathinidhi and Rowdy fellow. He impresses with good expressions and dialogue delivery. He have to look at his weight, because of which his body language dropped.

Rao Ramesh is the real show stealer in the. Film the way portrayed the role of evil politician is something can’t be missed. He haven’t imitated his father, one can see a performer on par with Rao gopalrao in him.

Visakha Singh has very limited screen time, to be precise she appeared in overall 5 scenes, she did a good job, She got lovable eyes and cute expressions.

Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao and Gollapudu Maruthi Rao appeared crucial characters and they inject life into the whole plot, story depends on this two characters.

Posani and the guy who appeared as Visakha Singh’s friend evoked smiles. Ahuthi Prasad, Katraj, Ajay suited the bill. Praveen did a different role this time, he will impress you.

Technical Departments:
Lyricist turned director Krishna Chaithanya narrated this intense drama film in his own style and at his own pace, no scene feels hurried expect the initial few minutes. Screenplay shows how clear they are with the script.

Dialogues certainly a great asset for the film, some serious dialogues are very well written.

Cinematography is top notch, the angles he used to establish characters is awesome. Editing is okay. Art direction suited the film’s plot. Background music is top notch in few scene and it doesn’t suited the situation.

Well Written and well-made film with some great performances. People who are looking for different movies will certainly love the film.