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Run Raja Run Movie Review

runrajarun reviTitle: Run Raja Run
Cast: Sarwanand, Seerat Kapoor, Sampath, Sesh Adivi, JP
Director: Sujeeth Sign
Producer: Vamsi – Pramod
Banner: UV Creations
Music: Ghibran
Release Date : August 1st, 2014
Rating: 3.25
UV Creations after their stupendous success in the form of Mirchi joined hands with Sarwanand who is picky in selecting films under the direction of debutante director Sujeeth Sign. Whether this combination garnered success, let’s see…Plot:
An entertaining revenge drama revolves around a series of kidnaps happening in the state. Story starts with Raja (Sarwanand), with happy go lucky kind of an attitude and couldn’t settle on a girlfriend, comes across Priya (Seerat Kapoor) in no time they fall for each other. Meanwhile, Dileep (Sampath) father of Priya, appoints as a new commissioner to deal with kidnappings happening in the city, assisted by Naeem (Sesh Adivi) whose ideas always ignores by Dileep.  In the turn of events Raja kidnaps Priya.

Why Raja Kidnaps Priya? How Dileep and Raja involved in the series of kidnaps happening, forms the rest of the story.

First half is high on entertainment quotient. Each and every dialogue carries a comic punch. The scenes between the leads along with heroine’s friend and scenes between Sarwanand and Sampath makes you laugh and are really hilarious.

In the second half it takes some time to get in sync with the screenplay and seems dragged but with in minutes movie takes its pace and ends on a good feel.

Sarwanand’s introduction song “Raja dhi Raja” and “Bujjima” makes you tap your legs to the tunes and “Vadhantune” song taken on seerat Kapoor is very well picturized. Remaining songs too are very nice on eyes.

Sarwanand in an uber cool look entertains you with his vibrant body language and dialogues. One has to get to know what performer he is and his comic timing is one thing he added to his armoury through this movie and he has shown his break dance skills too.

Seerat Kapoor not only get a meaty role as a heroine but also she excelled in the character. Her dance moves are so good. With her cute expressions and smile, youth may find interest In her.

Sampath excelled in serious scenes but seems out of place in comedy scenes. Sesh Adivi Justified his role. JP who acted as Sarwanand father is cool and done his 100% .

Technical Departments:
Sujeeth Sign never looked like a first timer, the way he handled the story and narrates it in an entertaining way is very good to watch, and dialogues penned by him are hilarious.

Cinematography by Madhie is top notch. Each and every frame is so colourful and the way he captured the beauty of Goa or gallies of Hyderabad is amazing. The real show stealer is Ghibran, each song is different and background music too elevates the mood.

Verdict: Breezy entertainer, Worth a watch.