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S S Rajamouli Confirms Baahubali 3

As reported earlier that S S Rajamouli is planning to start Baahubali 3 and today he has confirmed that there will be third part for Baahubali. Not stopping to this it is also heard he is planning three more parts after releasing the two sequels. This is in line to the Hollywood biggie’s like Harry Porter, Lord Of The rings.


Baahubali part 1 collected a gross of 600 crores world wide and these collections and fame has prompted Bollywood big corporate companies and other industrialists show more interest in the franchisee of Baahubali. With the subject has more scope for sequels, the makers of Baahubali and Rajamouli also felt they should have more sequels for the film.

The pre production work of the sequels started already and the director is planning to start the shoot for Baahubali 2 in the month of December.

Currently Rajamouli is busy supervising with art director and others for creating the sets for the sequel. Prabhas is busy in hitting the gym and toning his body for preparing the role of Baahubali. All the cast and crew are expected to join the film in December and Baahubali part 2 is planned for a release December 2016.

Here is the confirmation video of Rajamouli given to a media channel.