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Sakshi Chaudhary Exclusive Interview

She debuted in Telugu a couple of years ago, and secured success and then went on with Bollywood stint, Now came back as Tollywood “James bond girl”. She who tells that she is Tomboyish in nature told Malligadu that she loved her character in James Bond – Nenu kaadhu na pellam. Here is an exclusive interview with glamorous Sakshi Chaudhary, her travel to tollywood, Jamesbond and many more….


How is your feeling looking at the response of James Bond movie?

I’m happy about it and worked hard in this movie and nice to be getting appreciated.

You played a soft going girl role Mumtaz in Potugadu but in James Bond it’s a Don role which is tomboyish in nature. Which role did you connect more?

I am lucky to do two different roles. I’m connected more with Bullet role as always I have been a tomboyish kind of girl.

How challenging is to do action sequences, How is the experience.

I’ve been thinking since long to do gymnastics or to learn something like Karate or Boxing but not got a chance to do. When I was doing sequences in James Bond, I am having fun with it. Even though I’m not very good at it, I managed to do.

I felt happy getting such a good introduction action scene in the film and every one worked hard at it and it’s not just me.

Have you undergone any training for the role?

It was just a training of 4 or 5 hours. I was apprehensive initially but my stunt master Vijay sir and director Sai Kishore had confidence on me and I pulled it out. I liked doing the stunts and when you like what you do it comes out well.