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Sakshi Chaudhary Exclusive Interview

You have achieved success with your first film Potugadu but why did you take more time for reentry with James Bond

zsf_26Honestly I was not getting good scripts that excited me. I also felt it’s good not to do projects that I would regret. Meanwhile I was doing projects in Bollywood and a Tamil film as well. Hopefully this time I would be doing more frequent projects in Telugu.

What kind of support you got from director Sai Kishore and producer?

Director Sai Kishore has been wonderful to me. First 7 days I was getting into the character and he was very patient. He was giving me the boost and he is always chilled about everything. He will do good films in the near future.

Anil Sunkara is a gentleman and will take care of every one. Even though he is a business man, he is very passionate about film making. Production values are very good but don’t compare with Baahubali.

Have you seen Baahubali, the current talk of the Nation, your thoughts on it?

I haven’t yet watched Baahubali and I am gonna watch it this weekend. My mother and friends have watched it and they liked so much.

Please walk us through your entry into Telugu cinema?

I did auditioned for the role of Mumtaz in Potugadu and got selected and that’s how my entry happened. I was approached with James Bond movie and after listening to the script, I immediately agreed to the project.