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Samantha Shocking Tweet On Rajamouli

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Day by day Samantha is gaining reputation as a controversy queen. First she landed in a controversy when she expressed her feeling on the ‘1’ movie poster through her twitter account and some of them supported that she just expressed her opinion and every individual has a right for it.

This time Samantha blamed filmmaker S S Rajamouli for not casting her in his magnum opus Baahubali. During a tweet session, some of her fans expressed their desire to see her playing a role in Baahubali. For that Samantha tweeted that she had asked Rajamouli for atleast one scene in the movie but the director had not responded.

Reacting to this Rajamouli tweeted, ‘ Why r u doin this Sam?When I personally requested u for a spl role u said I had no days. Now u r drivin ur fans against me (Sic).” Many fans who had read the tweet asked her why she rejected the offer and why blaming the director for it. Later the actress took that post off twitter. Samantha shocking tweet on Rajamouli has became the talk of the Industry