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S/O Satyamurthy Movie Live Updates – Tweet Review

son-of-satyamurthy-release-posters-8.jpgTitle: S/O Satyamurthy
Cast: Allu Arjun, Samantha, Rajendra Prasad, Upendra, Prakash Raj, Sneha, Adah Sharma, Nithya Menen
Director: Trivikram Srinivas
Producer: S.Radha Krishna
Writer: Trivikram Srinivas
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: Prasad Murella
Editor: Prawin Pudi
Production House: Haarika & Hassine Creations
Release Date: 09-Apr-2015
Run Time: 2 Hours 42 Minutes
06:30 AM: Movie started with tributes MS Narayana

06:32 AM: Allu Arjun narrating his story. He is in a situation… Why he is in that situation… That’s where the movie started.

06:35 AM: Flash back started. Prakash Raj is Bunny’s father.

06:40 AM: Bunny got engaged to Adah Sharma and Time for the first song. 1 2 3 4 song running along with titles.

06:45 AM: Twist in the tale… Prakash Raj died in an accident. Engagement cancelled. Bunny dialogue “Ye kastam theliyani nannu ee incident pub nunchi prapancham loki tisukuni velindi”. Bunny have a responsibility to clear his father’s debts. Rajendra Prasad is Prakash Raj’s friend.

06:48 AM: Rich family became middle class. Bunny wants to clear all the debts and Rajendra Prasad advices him not to take the risk. But, Bunny proceeds.

06:50 AM: Adah Sharma’s father is Rao Ramesh. Vennela Kishore is Bunny’s brother and Sindhu Tulani is Kishore’s wife. Vennela Kishore will stay in shock with his loss of his father. Vennela & Sindhu has a daughter.

06:50 AM: Nice dialogue on Uchita Salahalu.

06:52 AM: Second song Chal Chalo Chalo song running. Total family responsibility taken by Bunny. He is good in formals. Nice taken montage song.

06:55 AM: Vennala Kishore characterisation is good.

07:00 AM: Bunny got a partnership from his friend’s wedding planning company. His first wedding assignment is for Adah’s marriage.

07:05 AM: A new angle of comedy by Bunny, never tried before. Samantha attends Adah’s marriage.

07:09 AM: Chala Bagodu is Bunny’s catch word.

07:11 AM: Comedy track by MS Narayana running.

07:13 AM: A nice and comedy scene on Relationship between relatives.

07:15 AM: Samantha hears from Rajendra Prasad about Bunny and she fell in love with Bunny.

07:19 AM: Third song running, Come to the party Subbalakshmi. By the way, Samantha’s name is Subbalakshmi. Nice dance moves.

07:20 AM: Till now Trivikram is successful.

07:27 AM: Adah’s marriage stopping situation. Bunny is dealing with it.

07:35 AM: Bunny solved Adah’s marriage and their internal family issues.

07:40 AM: Samantha proposing to Bunny. Super funny proposal.

07:41 AM: Time for next song, Seethakalam Suryudi laga.

07:46 AM: Twist in the tale. Samantha is Rajendra Prasad’s daughter. She went along with Bunny to Rajendra Prasad to speak about their marriage.

07:53 AM: Another twist on a land dispute. Nice pre interval dialogues. Interval.

Till now movie is good and engaging. Movie running on story.

08:05 AM: Second half started. Bunny to get the land documents in a month. Upendra is on other side.

08:07 AM: Bunny and Ali goes to Tamilnadu to settle the dispute. Upendra entered.

08:10 AM: By mistake Bunny goes to Devraj’s home and tells him all the details. Sneha entered.

08:18 AM: Action episode running, Bunny saving Devraj. Good fight.

08:22 AM: Upendra loves and respects Sneha. He never involve into non-violence infront of Sneha.

08:24 AM: Nice comedy track running. Hilarious.

08:26 AM: Upendra is excellent. He is a perfect fit for his character.

08:28 AM: After an episode between Bunny and Upendra, he offered land documents to Bunny along with Nithya Menon. Nithya entered. Upendra wants Bunny to marry Nithya.

08:30 AM: Nithya’s bava is Krishna Chaitanya. She loves him.

08:32 AM: Bunny’s pelli chupulu with Nithya. Nice twist, Nithya wants Bunny to handle the situation with Upendra and she wont tell Upendra that she loves Krishna Chaitanya.

08:34 AM: Time for the next song with Samantha and Nithya, Jaldi jaruko jaruko.

08:38 AM: Sampath is Upendra’s rival. Sampath plans to kill Upendra in Bunny – Nithya’s engagement.

08:40 AM: Engagement date and 30 day time period to give land documents are same.

08:40 AM: Brahmi entered. Theatre welcomed him whistles. Brahmi is Sneha’s brother.

08:48 AM: Bunny’s family and Rajendra Prasad’s family at Upendra’s home.

08:50 AM: Nice comedy between Brahmi and Vennela Kishore is running.

09:00 AM: Time for Super machi song. Super steps by Bunny.

09:06 AM: Bunny revealed everything. Movie running towards climax.

09:08 AM: Huge action episode.

09:12 AM: New twist revealed on how actually Prakash Raj died.

09:15 AM: Finally, a happy ending.

Stay tuned for the movie review