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Shankar Certificate To Rajamouli

ShankarDirector Shankar is so far being considered as the number one director of South India. With Baahubali the debate started that Rajamouli has replaced Shankar. Tough to compare as both of them are good at their work. Both these director support each others work.

After watching Baahubali, director Shankar tweeted,” Bahubali-Epic Thoughts!Poetic Imagnatn!Strong Characterisatns!Super Heroism!Executd wit Stuning Visuals! Vowww! Cheers 2 Rajmouli n his team.”

Excited by hearing great things from Shankar, Baahubali director Rajamouli has expressed his gratitude and said,” thanks a ton for the appreciation, sir. The team is overjoyed. Your message is not just a compliment, but a certificate..”