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Shankar Insights On I Movie

ShankarI movie is the most talked about film in India currently. Director Shankar is making this movie with huge budget and after the release of its teaser, the expectations on this movie reached sky high. Last night, he had spoken with CNN, sharing his experiences  about Vikram, the VFX in his films & big budgets.

While speaking about Vikram, Shankar said he is amazed with Vikram’s commitment. Shankar is confident that no other actor would have agreed for the script. He also revealed that Vikram is the only actor he approached to portray the role and Vikram is like a family to him.

VFX is always a special feature in Shankar’s movies. According to him, VFX in a movie succeeds when the audience does not realize it is VFX. He said with audience spending most of the time on television, their intelligence levels have increased a lot. Movie makers have to think big to satisfy the audience. He added that the audience are looking for bigger things every time. His imaginations demand high budget and he said he got 50% of what he wants in terms of budget.

Shankar’s I budget is at mountain high. He said whatever the makers spend on movie it should be reflected on the screen. He stressed that his scripts demands high budget and audience are coming with an expectation to see the grandeur in his movies. He added saying he is ready to make small budget movies if the audience are ready to see small budget movies from him. Currently he is enjoying in making grand movies and when he gets bored, he will make small movies.