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Shankarabaranam Movie Review

Sankarabharanam_CoverTitle: Shankarabaranam (2015)
Cast: Nikhil Siddharth, Nanditha Raj, Anjali, Prudhvi
Director: Uday Nandanavanam
Producer: M.V.V. Sathyanarayana
Story: Kona Venkat
Music: Praveen Lakkaraju
Cinematography: Sai Sriram
Production House: MVV Cinema
Release Date: 04-Dec-2015
Rating: 2/5

Nikhil is riding high with back to back success. Though his last movie Surya vs Surya didn’t went well compared to his previous two movies, every one acclaimed his choice of story selection in Surya vs Surya. He teamed up with Kona Venkat who was on high when the project started. Though he was part of two recent rejected movies, his was able to continue the craze towards him with the publicity of Shankarabaranam. Let’s see how the movie is… How Nikhil’s story selection is…

In simple, a young NRI Gautham (Nikhil) lives in US with his family and they are in verge of bankruptcy. His mother (Sitara) tells him about Shankarabaranam, her ancestral property which value millions. This makes Gautham to land in India. Gautham’s extended huge family lives in the palace and he tries to sell the it in secret. In the process, he fell in love with his relative’s daughter Happy! (Nanditha) and with a twist, gets kidnapped. This sets a path to huge drama.

Though there is an interesting concept in the story, one wonders how Kona made it terrible. He made sentiment, comedy, drama, chemistry less romance as ingredients and made a milk shake which turned out awful.

Whole Shankarabaranam runs on a dull note except the Prudhvi’s episodes. He is the only entertainment in the movie. Its very strange to see other side of Kona who delivered excellent comedy movies in the past. After a series of dull drama episodes, climax is the breathing space.

Its good to say as little as possible about the lead pair. There is no chemistry between lead cast. Many wondered when Nikhil paired up with Nanditha and their expectation turned out to be true.

No fault in Nikhil’s selection. Though the movie is not as versatile as his last movies, Shankarabaranam has a concept. He believed in the story and Kona’s experience. He made his part well and he carried the weight of the movie on his shoulders. But, Kona delivered an unexpected outcome. Whole credit goes to Kona.

Cast Performance:
Nikhil: As said earlier he carried the whole movie. He is apt and sincere in his role. One should recognize his work on American accent and it’s genuine.

Nanditha: Her previous movie Krishnama Kalipindi Iddarini gave her lot of scope and she utilised it. But, Shankarabaranam didn’t provided any platform for her to showcase. In the provided limited circle, she justified.

Prudhvi: He is whole and sole of the movie. He is the only entertaining element of Shankarabaranam. His one liners are super hit. May be, Kona only focused on this role rather than story.

Anjali: Anjali played a lengthy cameo role. To be honest, she was wasted to the core.

Technical Department:
First to mention is Cinematography. Sai Sriram did a splendid work.

Music is okay and mostly loud, especially background score. Director needs to focus a lot. Editing could have been better.

Disgrace to the epic title.