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SS Thaman Lifted A Bollywood Tune Again

Music director SS Taman who enjoys a great following in Telugu circuit, also has black mark of being termed as copy-cat. Many have exposed the music director for his copy music in many instances, infact recently he was exposed for Ganesha song he composed for Balayya’s Dictator where the tune is just a copy-paste from Salman’s Bhajrangi Bhaijan.


While the discussion is still afresh, here is one more example of his copied tunes, “Kung fu Kumari” song from Ram Charan’s Brucelee the fighter seems to be heavily inspired from “Dhating Naach” song in Shahid Kapoor’s Phata Poster Nikhla Hero.

click both links to know for yourself: Kung Fu Kumari and Dhating Naach

In the wake of this allegations, SS Taman during an interview admitted openly that he has copied some of the tunes and he said that he copied not out of choice but because of Director/producer preferences. He cited an example saying, if I can compose a tune like Sarosthaara, why I have to copy tune for Pilla Chav, It is Puri Jagannath’s choice that I have to compose. In a lighter tone he said that, “Good thief never gets caught & I’m a bad thief”.