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Telangana Budget Highlights – FY 2014-15

The government of newly formed state Telangana produced its maiden buget in the Assembly today. Finance Minister Etla Rajendra produced the budget for the year 2014-15.

Heere are the key highlights:

  • Total budget allocation is Rs 100637 Crore with planned expenditure of Rs 48648 Crore and non-planned expenditure of Rs 51989 Crore. Total deficit: Rs 17398 Crore.
  • Constituency development programme fund increased from 1 Crore to 1.5 Crore and total allocations for this purpose: 234 Crore.
  • All roads connecting Mandala headquarters to District headquarters to be made into double lane roads.
  • Including a subsidy of 3,000 Crores, energy sector is allocated with 3,241 Crore.
  • Journalists to get health cards and Rs. 10 Crore allotted to construct Journalist Bhavan.
  • TSRTC to procure 100 buses with 400 Crore.
  • Rs 25,000 Crore for free education from KG to PG.
  • One lakh loan waiver to Power loom weavers.
  • ITIR projects of 90 Crore at Hyderabad.
  • Allocation for Godavari pushkaralu: 100 Crore.
  • 2,282 Crore allocated to Health sector. Gandhi and Osmania hospitals gets Rs. 100 Crore each. Maternity hospital at Hyderabad to get 50 Crore. King Koti hospital got 25 Crore.
  • Rs. 100 Crore allocated for one time supply of LPG connections to poor women.
  • Rs 17,000 Crore farm loans waived, Rs 4,250 Crore deposited in bank.
  • Exgratia to 459 Telangana martyrs at the rate of 10 lakh per bereaved family. Rs 100 Crore for the welfare of Telangana martys’ families.
  • 10crs for Farm Mechanisation and Rs 20Crs for Crop Colony.
  • 9,000 tanks to be revived this year with Rs 2,000 Crore.
  • Rs 50 Crore allocated for making Telangana as the seed bank of the nation Poultry industry.
  • Allocated 16.03 Crore for dairy development.
  • 6500 Crores of total budget for irrigation.
  • The government will promote soil testing, farm mechanisation.
  • Rs 100 Crore allocated for farm mechanisation.
  • Allocated 250 Crore to promote horticulture.
  • 250 Crore allocated for promoting drip irrigation.
  • 90 Crore for modernisation of sports and facilities, including sports stadiums, across the state.
  • Tourism and culture gets a boost. Telangana Kala Bhavan to be built up near India Park at Hyderabad in 11 acres and Kaloji Cultural Centre at Warangal allocated with 15 Crore.
  • 10 Crore for women’s safety in Hyderabad.
  • Government examines issue of regularizing contract employees.