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Terrible Experience To Sneha Ulaal

sneha ullal hot photos from madatha kaja movie telugu movie heroActress Sneha Ulaal became a victim of harassment by one of her fan. This incident happened last night.

As per the details revealed by Sneha Ulaal, a fan-stalker reached her home last night and created disturbance. The actress got irritated with his act and reported to the police. With this series of incidents, her fan has got beaten and he was arrested. Later, the guy who created this mess was warned not to come near the actress home.

These kind of fan behaviour is definitely a terrible experience to any actor. Though how much you love the actor, the fans should respect their privacy and should not disturb them. Sneha Ulaal told that she got disturbed a lot with this nerve wrecking incident. She told that she will update all the details in the morning.