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Tollywood Repeating Itself

Rabhasa-Aagadu-Power-GAV-all-runs-on-prev-hitsIn past we used to see films having similarities with other language films and it is understandable too, As the film makers may think bringing something new and successful will have viewers acceptance. But, looking at the latest few films we can draw lot of similarities with very own recent telugu movies itself, not only restricted to few scenes but the format, characterization and even they are preferring comedy also to be in a similar format but with different dialogues.

Starting at the NTR’s recent release Rabhasa, Movie is a mix of V V Vinayak and Srinu Vaitla films. Initial half gets you feeling that you are watching “Bunny” a V V Vinayak film, with all those some bad forces searching for a face, Comedy track in college. And second half is altogether a Srinu Vaitla film, bringing all the cast into a single home, comedy scenes too resembles “Namo Venkatesha” and “Doosukeltha”.

“Power” directed by Bobby, the new entrant director haven’t shown any freshness in plot or execution. He banked heavily on Ravi Teja’s Mass strenghth. Film runs on “Vikramarkudu” formula, the two characterization portrayed by Ravi teja as tough police officer and street smart guy, have heavily inspired by Ravi Teja’s characters in the Rajamouli’s super hit film.

Whatever may be the outcome of Mahesh babu’s movies, his movies always offers something new. His previous INenokkadine may not appealed to majority but liked by critics and quality film lovers. But his latest mixed masala of “Gabbarsingh and Dookudu” as Aagadu, didn’t able to make any impact on any class of audience. Srinu Vaitla seems to have write the story after he getting Mahesh’s dates. Banked on Punch dialogues with Rhyming words irrelevant to the plot irritated many.

And the latest release of Ram Charan, promoted as family entertainer didn’t offered anything new interms of family drama or emotions. Filling the screen with lot of characters should not be termed as family drama, but making them involved into script may have helped. It is a mixed bag of “Seeta Ramayyagari Manavaralu” and “Kalisundam Ra”. One of the important scenes directly lifted from K3G, though it was well placed and suited the script.

Loukyam too hasn’t offered any novelty but by mere comedy cinema could able to rake in profits. Most bothering point even the new directors are not trying anything new, they are following templates, which are successful suitable to those genres. Tollywood need a break, It needs another “Shiva” which changed all norms at the time of it’s making.