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Top 5 2014: Tollywood Controversies

Top 4: RGV’s Sridevi Controversy


RGV and controversies goes hand in hand, we hardly see any release of his movies without controversies. His latest film to become controversial is “Sridevi”, which was named earlier as Savithri. Film got instant back lash from general public, Child and women organizations as the film’s posters are objectionable where a boy in the poster who is still in primary school poses as he admires a middle aged woman. This hasn’t gone well with the public. Not only that he titled the film without the consent of film chamber, the name Savithri has already registered by Sanghamithra Arts banners for their upcoming female oriented film.

After the banner’s complaint RGV changed the film’s title to “Sridevi” which again become controversial, Sridevi the yester year popular heroine filed a complaint on RGV, claiming that he is using her name in an inappropriate way. She felt worried because, public knows RGV’s admiration towards her and she felt that this will affect her name and popularity. RGV argued that he can’t change the title and declared that there is no connection with title and his admiration towards Sridevi. Nothing was heard there after about the controversy or the film.