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Top 5 2014: Tollywood Controversies

Top 3: Swetha Basu Prasad, caught in a Prostitution case


Swetha Basu Prasad, young heroine who has a National award under her kitty has to face the terror of her life. She was allegedly caught red handed in a prostitution case, news spread as a wild fire and media circles twisted her statements and spread that she agreed that she is involved in the prostitution case, which she condemned after she released from the custody and she was issued clean chit by the High court.

She released an open letter to Print and web media, she stated how media is rude at her and how she and her family went through the trauma.

Many film celebrities came to her support and offered roles in their upcoming films , But Swetha basu responded to them by saying offer me the roles if you think I am deserved but not out of sympathy.