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Top 5 2014: Tollywood Controversies

Top 1: Prakash Raj and Srinu Vaitla War of words


Another movie of Mahesh Babu also has to face a controversy, It is the most prolonged controversy in recent times.

It all started when a news published that a case filed on Prakash Raj in film chamber by an Asst director of the film Aagadu, alleging that the actor rudely behaved with the Asst director.

Regarding the case Prakash Raj held a press meet and explained that he was the first choice for the villains role in Aagadu and later he was removed for the reasons unknown, He said the case was filed because of some personal grudges but not because of the incident happened. In the press-meet he presented a poem written by him, and dedicated the poem to Srinu Vaitla the director of the film.

Srinu vaitla later used the poem in his film and made villain to utter those lines, Media questioned Srinu Vaitla why he have to use the poem in his film, to which Srinu vaitla answered because he liked the poem, he used it in his film.

This doesn’t gone well with Prakash Raj, he at GAV pressmeet said harsh statements on Srinu Vaitla, He said one has to make film to satisfy our creative thirst but not to take pot shots at the people. He termed Srinu Vaitla as arrogant and shameless.

Srinu Vaitla, who already in bad phase because of Aagadu failure, held a press-meet to counter attack Prakash Raj comments, he said that he is not arrogant and but have self-esteem that is why he removed Prakash raj and he also given a clarity, he said he used the poem because Prakash Raj dedicated the poem to him.

Not stopping at it Prakash Raj responded back on his twitter account, by tweeting ““Kondaru mararu ‘thaati chettu kinda doriki poina vadni em chestunnav Ani adigithe paalu thaaguthunna ani chepyadanta’ all the best cheers“, after the tweet there is no counter attack from Srinu Vaitla. Both now deeply involved in their upcoming projects