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Trisha On Her Bollywood Appearance

Trisha-Item-Number-for-lingaaTrisha proved herself in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada film and few years back she was the top actress in these language movies. But, coming to Bollywood, she made an entry to Bollywood with the film Khatta Meetha. After this film, in the year 2010, she never showed her interest on appearing on Bollywood screen.

Recently she revealed the reason for not moving Bollywood. She said Bollywood is her cup of tea and its working environment is quite opposite to South film industry. She expressed her view that there will be much pressure in the Bollywood for the frequent public appearances and a high involvement of public relations. Adding to this, Trisha told that it takes an year to complete a film in Bollywood and the actors need to provide another 3 to 4 months for the promotions. She took this opportunity to express her love towards the south India film industry and tols she feels comfortable here and she will never leave this stage.