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Trisha Leda Nayanthara Movie Review


Title: Trisha Leda Nayanatara
Cast: GV Prakash, Anandi, Simran, Manisha
Director: Adhik Ravi Chandra
Producer: Rishi Media
Music Director: GV Prakash
Malligadu Rating: 2.5/5.0

Music director turned hero GV Prakash, get good marks with back to back hits in Tamilnadu. He is going to test his luck in Tollywood for the first with his new film “Trisha Leda Nayanatara”. The tamil version of the movie was declared a hit Tamilnadu, let’s see if the film is accepted by Telugu audience.

Plot: Jeeva(GV Prakash), Ramya(Anandi) and Aditi(Manisha Yadav) hails from a same locality in and they grow together, As the time passes by Jeeva and Ramya falls in love with each other, but as it is destined both break-up.

But to the surprise of Jeeva, Aditi expresses her interest towards him. Jeeva says yes to Aditi, and they date for 3 long years. After the turn of events Aditi breaks up with Jeeva.

The dejected Jeeva heads back to hometown, only to see Ramya showing interest in him again. As it goes by, Jeeva and Ramya decides to marry each other. When everything seems to be fine, Jeeva ditches Ramya. Why Jeeva ditches Ramya? Where is the see-saw game ends? Forms the story.

Analysis: As the film plot falls into adult-comedy, this doesn’t interest every section of the audience. Film mainly targeted toward the youth audience. For the genre of the movie, there would be takers, but main let back for the movie is its nativity. The dialogues, character behaviour may not appeal to telugu audience.
Major plus for the movie GV Prakash and some dialogue which will entertain audience. First half goes with good pace and entertainment, But in the second half director couldn’t maintain the pace or couldn’t focus on what he wants to narrate, narration’s pace too takes a beating in the second.
Director has failed in writing right scenes which can carry the emotion, and the love stories which he have showcased are not in sync with the narration. Film has okay songs.

Artist Performances:

GV Prakash seem to have enjoyed the role, he is pretty much into his elements . He pulled the youthful role easily
Both Anandi and Manisha Yadav are unable to give that needed push to the film.
VTV Ganesh isn’t impressive.

Technical Aspects:

Direction is below par, Screenplay in the second half is weak. Dialogues entertains you. Editing could have been better. Okay songs and Bad BGM. Costumes are contemporary.

Verdict: Strictly For Adults.