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Vidyasagar Rao Appointed As Maharashtra Governor

Vidyasagar-RaoCh Vidyasagar Rao is a well known senior BJP leader in Telangana. He was elected as an MLA for three times and MP for two times. He also worked as a minister in Vajpayee government. In the recent elections, Vidyasagar Rao got defeated aginst TRS candidate Vinod from Karimnagar Parliament constituency. Since BJP came into power at the centre, everyone believed that BJP would definitely give him a prominent role.

NDA government is in the process of changing the governors appointed during UPA government. BJP is appointing its senior leaders and leaders who associated to the party into these posts. Narendra Modi considered Vidyasagar Rao for Maharashtra governor post and this veteran leader has been appointed as Maharashtra Governor on Tuesday. The orders have been issued by President of India Pranab Mukherhji in this afternoon.