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Why Varun-Krish Dropped Rayabhari

The shocking news from the tinsel town in current week is, Krish and Varun dropping the idea making the film ‘Rayabhari’. After achieving good success and critics appreciation with their previous films ‘Kanche’, the project gets some curious eye balls, but when the project is dropped many disappointed. With duo dropping the project, there are speculations running around film nagar.


Some medis circles are saying that because of the rift between Varun and Krish the project is dropped and some media circles saying, that the duo dropped the idea because of the budget constraints. The insider news is, Krish and Varun haven’t shelved the project but they have postponed the project.

Currently Varun’s market is less than 25 crores, and the film pre-production when sit together to estimate the costs, it came out around 35 -40 crores. That is when the duo dropped the idea, it is idotic to go ahead with the script when it is not matching market capabilities. Both can be hailed for their sensibility.